Learn Mandarin and Cantonese at Wah Mei School

Wah Mei School Image: wahmei.org
Wah Mei School
Image: wahmei.org


Dr. Michael Kreutzer is a psychiatrist based in San Francisco, California. A former assistant clinical professor at UCSF, Michael Kreutzer, MD, also owns a private psychiatry practice and is a firm supporter of bilingual education, sponsoring schools such as Wah Mei School.

Wah Mei School is a Chinese American bilingual preschool located in San Francisco, California. The school was the first of its kind when it was originally founded in 1974 and has advanced its mission ever since, placing a strong focus on encouraging multiculturalism and proficiency in both languages.

The school has a multitude of both state-funded and private programs, chiefly its preschool. However, Wah Mei School also offers weekend classes for its students. These programs are offered to students ages four to 15 and give these young people a chance to learn Mandarin and Cantonese in a fun, interactive setting. Some of the courses used as teaching tools are Chinese literature, art, and even a few cooking classes.


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