The Wah Mei Preschool Early Learning Curriculum

Wah Mei Preschool pic
Wah Mei Preschool pic
Wah Mei Preschool

As assistant clinical professor at the University of California San Francisco, Dr. Michael Kreutzer of San Francisco participated in teaching and the supervision of educational programs for residents. The holder of an MD in psychiatry and a big supporter of bilingual education, Dr. Michael Kreutzer of San Francisco is a board member of the Wah Mei School.

Wah Mei’s preschool offers full year, full-day and half-day programs designed to prepare young learners for formal school learning. All programs require children to be toilet trained, parents to support bilingual education, and parents to support the school’s policies.

The programs maintain a common curriculum which seeks to empower young children with a variety of educational skills including:

i) Reading
The curriculum exposes children to books and introduces children to the ABC’s. Here, children will learn how to write, sequence, retell stories, and classify objects while developing good listening habits.

ii) Mathematics
This is essentially a pre-mathematics program. Children will learn how to match, compare, order, group, count, and write numbers, weights, shapes, measurements, and time.

iii) Social studies
This part of the curriculum focuses on the child’s self-image in relation to his/her immediate environment. Through books, toys, and stories from diverse cultures, the children will learn to accept each other’s differences and to look at their neighbors without attaching stereotypes to them. The children will also learn how to share, play together, help each other, and work together.


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