Wah Mei Preschool: Curriculum and Classes

Wah Mei Preschool pic
Wah Mei Preschool pic
Wah Mei Preschool
Image: wahmei.org

Dr. Michael Kreutzer has more than 10 years of experience as an assistant clinical professor at the University of California San Francisco. As a licensed psychiatrist, he once owned a successful private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has provided psychiatric care at numerous clinics and hospitals. Michael Kreutzer, MD is also a strong supporter of multi-lingual education, and he served as a board member at the Wah Mei School for more than five years.

The Wah Mei School, located in San Francisco, offers an immersive six-part curriculum that gives preschool-aged students experience with English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Students are introduced to mathematics, reading, science, social studies, physical development and music through hands-on activities directed by talented teachers and coordinators. Kids at the school are divided into five different classes by age and language needs. The Fireflies class at Wah Mei is for the youngest students, who begin attending the school at two and a half years old. The oldest kids at Wah Mei are between four and five years old, and they attend the Teddy Bears class. Three of the classes at Wah Mei are bilingual (English and Cantonese) and the two remaining classes are trilingual (English, Cantonese and Mandarin).

More information about the Wah Mei School is available at www.wahmei.org.


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