Lost Mozart Work Discovered in February 2016

Lost Mozart Work Discovered pic
Lost Mozart Work Discovered pic
Lost Mozart Work Discovered
Image: chinadailyasia.com/

A San Francisco mental health care professional, Dr. Michael Kreutzer received his MD with a focus on child and adolescent psychiatry from the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. Outside of his professional psychiatry practice in San Francisco, Dr. Michael Kreutzer enjoys listening to classical music.

In February 2016, the world of classical music received an unexpected gift in the form of a newly rediscovered manuscript containing a classical music piece written in part by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Two additional composers, including Mozart’s supposed rival Anotnio Salieri, contributed to the four-minute cantana. Unknown composer Cornetti also wrote a part the piece.

The music was written in 1785, six years before Mozart died of a mysterious cause at the age of 35. Drawn to the name of the cantanta, “Per la Ricuperata Salute di Offelia,” a German composer discovered the piece while browsing the online library of the Czech Museum of Music. It is believed that Mozart composed the second section of the three-part piece, with a march-like rhythm that contrasts with the pastoral-style writing of the first and third parts.


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